Saw, Cutoff Electric 14"

Saw, Gas K950/14"

Tile Saw, 1-1/2 hp Electric

Saw, Brick/Block Dry BX-3

Saw, Multi-cutter 4 hp 15 amp

30" sandvik bow saw

16" electric chain saw

18" chain saw

Professional miter saw

Super sawzall - 8 amp

Jigsaw, barrel handle

10" compound miter saw

7-1/4" H D circular saw 15 amp

Tree pole saw



Edger Sander

Floor Sander

Floor Polisher 13"

Floor Polisher 17"

Carpet Cleaner 4-Gal

Carpet Cleaner Stair/Upholstery Kit

Turbo Dryer 2 Speed

Vacuum 16" Upright

Wet/Dry Vac 13 gal

Vinyl Floor tile cutter

Linoleum tile roller

12" H D tile scraper

48" H D tile scraper

Carpet shears

Carpet seaming iron

6" seam roller

Carpet stair tool

Carpet knee kicker

Standard tile cutter

8" Carbide tile nippers



Rental Rates

start at a minimum charge of

 2 hours.

There are 4 hour, full day, weekly, and monthly charges as well.

Hand tools:

Demo Hammer

2" Roto Hammer

1/2" Rev. Hammer Drill Kit

1/2" magnum drill

1/2" electric Drill shooter

1/2" 14.4 V cordless drill

Drywall Screwdriver

Sledge Hammer 10# fiberglass

Stake Driver

Trench Shovel

4 x 24 belt sander

H D Orbital sander

Sander 1/2 sheet finish

Siding sander/grinder

7" sander/grinder

Bolt cutter 18"

Bolt cutter 30"

10 x 10 tamper

60" pry bar

Mattock Pick

4' Level

Bender conduit 1/2"-5" radius

Bender conduit 3/4"-6" radius

Chimney brush (6"-8") w/ poll



Hand tacker

Finish nailer

Framing nailer

Roof nailer

Magnetic sweeper

60# Electric Breaker (jackhammer)

Compactor Plate

20 ton House Jack

3 ton H D power pull

50' fish tape


Utility Scaffold plus guard/outrigger



Cement Mixer

tamper, concrete tango 48"

Bull Float 48 x 8 plus handles

sidewalk groover

14 x 4  steel trowel

Steel edger curler

16 x 4 concrete trowel

16" Magnesium float

Power Trowel



Moving Equipment:

Furniture pads

Solid platform dolly

Rubber top dolly

Piano dolly (2 pc)

2 wheel hand cart

Appliance dolly

7-1/2"x 26" fiberglass ramp

8 x 10 folding ramps



Painting and wallpaper:

Wallpaper steamer

Wallcovering perforator

Wall & floor 4" scrapper

Variable Speed Paint Remover

Compressor 2 HP electric

Sheet rock panel lift

Extension for panel lift

Texture sprayer

8' alum. Double stepladder

12' fiberglass stepladder

24' fiberglass extension ladder

2500 psi Pressure washer



Closet auger snake 3' wire

Sewer auger 3/8 x 25

Pipe threader 3/8"-1"

Pipe cutter 1/8" - 2"

18" aluminum Pipe wrench

24" aluminum pipe wrench

28" aluminum pipe wrench

Basin wrench

2" - 4" pipe cutter

Tubing cutter 5/8" - 2 1/8"

Pipe vise tripod

Commercial flaring tool

1/2 right angle Plumber drill

13 pc plumber hole saw kit 1/2 right angle plumber drill




Lawn and Garden:

Walk behind weed mower

10" edger 3.5 HP gas

String trimmer


Thatcher / power rake

Turf seeder

Hand crank grass seeder

Fertilizer spreader

Lawn vacuum

Backpack blower

Lawn roller

Landscape rake

Kick type sod cutter

Mantis mini-tiller cultivator

Mid-tine tiller

Rear-tine tiller

Lawn Sweeper

Pole tree trimmer

24" electric hedge trimmer

H D anvil lopper

1 man post hole auger

2 man post hole auger

Fiberglass shovel

Aluminum shovel

Post hole digger 5-1/2"



Snow Removal:

8.5 HP snowblower

Roof Rake

Small Snowblower







Pumps & Generators:

Generator 3 KW 5.5 HP

Generator 6 KW 11 HP

2" Submersible pump .66 HP

Yellow submersible pump

2" trash pump 5.5 HP Honda



Since 1948 the Luverne Farm Store, and recently the Luverne True Value, have been dedicated to providing high quality products with outstanding customer service. We conduct business with honesty, fairness, loyalty, leadership, and hard work. The Luverne Farm Store and Luverne True Value take pride in measuring our success, based upon the ongoing success of our customers.